Fabio Pereira

Fabio is a consultant, public speaker, book author and a digital behavioral economist – a digital nudger. His goal is to help people make better decisions in the digital world.

His innovations on the brain science behind the digital world have allowed him to speak at several conferences and events such as QCon, Agile Australia, Agile Brazil and the Panel of Digital Experts. This innovative area of knowledge has also allowed him to be a book author on the ways that cognitive psychology can explain Agile.

Fabio is a lead consultant from ThoughtWorks with over 15 years of experience in helping organisations achieve their objectives through various roles. Prior to ThoughtWorks, Fabio was a pioneer agilist and entrepreneur having organised the first Scrum Certification training in Brazil.

He is particularly passionate about human psychology and believes that understanding the hidden forces that drive our decisions can ultimately be extremely helpful to all of us.

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