The Rabbit King

The Rabbit King

Discovering various ways that cause people to abandon talks and drinks and move as the waves of audio monitors dictates, The Rabbit King’s Kingdom in terms of musical aesthetics jumps between disco vibes and house moves.

Brought to you remotely courtesy of BuzzConf sponsor Stoneclap, their revolutionary technology enables musicians and DJs to perform live for audiences anywhere in the world, over a one-on-one, high quality two-way streaming platform designed for music. Imagine Skype, but instead of chatting with your friends overseas, we’ll be streaming this great Romanian talent to get the BuzzConf party started.

Flexible spirit and approach that keeps The Rabbit King’s audience to distinguish him from other DJs , by not exercising or losing personal ambitions, but he always has his homework carefully made and adapted to the dancefloor.

After years in which he broke into reggae, dub, hip hop, funk, soul, breaks, he has remained glued to any frequency that can dance.


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Part of the
BuzzConf Technology Festival
25-27 November 2016

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