As the Internet of Things takes off, building devices that can operate in the physical world but can talk to the Web becomes an important part of the skills of the web developer.

This workshop will provide a good foundation for how you can use JavaScript to be able to work with and build robots but also understand the fundamentals of building any Internet connected Thing.

We’ll be working with the MakeBlock mBot to understand the basics of robotics design and motion and then use that to solve some challenges or have a battle bot competition. If you want to keep on hacking we’ll have extra bits and pieces you can use to either make your bot better or experiment in other areas of JS Hardware.

Check out for a heap of gallery links to various projects.

Please ensure you’ve followed the pre-workshop installation notes to ensure you get the most out of the session!

Location: Date: November 14, 2015 Time: - Andrew Fisher Andy Gelme

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