IoT and e-Learning

The Internet of Things is showing us that the Internet can be more than the computer. Devices, sensors, appliances, toys, even clothing can connect to the Internet. Our smart devices talk to us, and we talk back. Does this have any application to teaching methods?

I will present some ideas for using the open source LMS Moodle with the Internet of Things, including a demonstration of connecting an IoT device to respond Moodle events. I will show how an event in Moodle, such as a message in the forum, will trigger an action on the IoT device, in this case a series of lights on a wearable.

The presentation will be a practical demonstration of how to make these devices communicate with each other, but this demonstration is only a proof of concept to encourage a broader discussion in the audience of the potential ways to leverage IoT in eLearning.

The point is not that you can have something like a shirt that lights up when you get a message in Moodle – something cool but useless – but the bigger picture; the Internet is moving beyond the browser and how will eLearning move with it?

Location: Date: November 14, 2015 Time: - Scott Huntley

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