Digital Nudge – the brain science behind our digital world

Drawing on cutting-edge research from the fields of social psychology and behavioural economics this talk reveals forces that influence everyone’s behaviour and their consequences on the digital world.

Some questions that will be explored:

  • How three simple design principles from behavioural economics helped people eat more healthy food
  • How scientists observed 257 thousand people and what they learned about their behaviour
  • How a simple behavioural economics concept can help insulin-dependent diabetics informed about when they have to take insulin or eat sugar
  • How a simple design for a payment web address led 45% more individuals to pay online
  • Why the president of the United States ordered executive offices and agencies to use behavioural science to better serve the american people
  • What does brain science say about stereotype and how does it impact us when we’re scrolling our facebook timeline
  • How can designers use behavioral science discoveries to create digital interfaces

Location: Date: Time: - Fabio Pereira

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