New sessions announced

More presentations, installations and musical acts have been added to the BuzzConf program and a schedule will be released in the coming days.

Check out the full program on our festival page, and share what you’re excited about on social media or over on our slack team!

2 new sessions

Psyia VR – A GPU Particle System for the HTC Vive

In a black void, several hundred thousand tiny cubes dance and flow around gravitational fields emitted from the Vive controllers.

For years Lachlan had the hobby of turning his wildest daydreams and fantasies into tangible experiences through the miracle of modern technology. He can barely wrap his head around the fact that sometimes the only thing separating imagination from material reality is a few days worth of bashing on a keyboard.

Holograms 101


Michael Ensly will walk through of how to access unique features provided by the HoloLens from within an ordinary Unity game and give you a chance to experience the technology first hand.

Michael Ensly is a Software Developer at Two Bulls who has been working both professionally and recreationally with mobile apps since graduating with a degree in astrophysics in 2011.

In addition to specialising in Android development, he has developed for augmented reality technologies such as Kinect and HoloLens.

Michael has a fiery passion for user experience, app quality and humorous antics.

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