Festival 2016

25 - 27 November 2016
Phoenix Park, Ballan, VIC

What is a BuzzConf Festival?

BuzzConf looks like a cutting edge tech conference... and it is! A cutting edge, technology, futurism, and innovation conference, where all participants and presenters spend the whole weekend together in a scenic campground rather than in a stuffy conference centre.

Thanks to everyone for an awesome BuzzConf Festival 2016!

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Take a look below to see what made this year so great!

See you in the future!

Rick & Ben

BuzzConf 2016 on Social Media

A huge thank you to the 275 supporters who tweeted about the BuzzConf Festival over the weekend, reaching 630,000 people and creating nearly 3,000,000 impressions - leading to #BuzzConf being the #1 trending topic in Australia.


Technology, innovation and futurism talks

This year brings a dozen experts in the fields of Virtual Reality, Internet of Things (IoT), Robots, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Space Exploration and more!

Psyia VR – A GPU Particle System for the HTC Vive

In a black void, several hundred thousand tiny cubes dance and flow around gravitational fields emitted from the Vive controllers

Holograms 101

Walk through of how to access unique features provided by the HoloLens from within an ordinary Unity game

Social robotics: the next frontier

Robots today are seriously deficient in their ability to become a disruptive technology. They are dangerous and stupid. Mary-Anne Williams will discuss the kinds of problems social robots face in the workplace and the capabilities a social robot would require to work with people.

Adventures in Non-euclidian Virtual Reality and other Delights

Explore the 4D tesseract, Escher-like illusions of geometric spaces, and some fractured visions of reality

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Asteroid Mining: Will Space Solve Our Resource Shortage?

Will the industrialisation of space solve our resource and energy shortages of the future?

Innovating with Wearable Sensors, AR, and Natural UI

Leila Alem will provide an overview of her work in the area of designing novel business solutions using wearable, augmented/mix reality and natural user interaction technologies.

ARgh: not so real monsters

This talk will introduce Augmented Reality and also discuss some of the ways AR can be implemented in a meaningful way

The Internet of Toys: ESP8266 and MicroPython

Each generation of embedded processors is even smaller, faster, cheaper and more capable - and that means it's easier than ever to build some amazing toys!

Preparing to be makers in a consumer-focussed world

In a world where everything is happening online, how do we facilitate our youth to take control of their technology and become hackers

No More Free – a future of paid content enabled by blockchain

Could blockchain technology enable a new model of media that shifts revenue from platforms to creators?

Biomedicine highlights of 2016

This talk will give you a walk through of some of the fascinating things that have come out of medicine in 2016.

2121 – How do we get there?

2121 is 105 years away. That's the future. How many people are working and thinking beyond their own lifetimes?

Rage Against the Ghost in the Machine

Learn about the digital ghosts we create without meaning to, and what this might mean for our grandchildren.


Engaging workshops

Workshops run throughout the weekend on IoT, 3D-Printing and rendering, VR, Gaming and Hacking... with an entire track for the kids!

3D modelling, sculpting, and printing

3D modelling using Blender, then you'll have the opportunity to print your model!

IoT: The Internet Of Tents

Connect BuzzConf with your creativity set to 11. Deploy wirelessly connected sensors (input), actuators (output), robots and even your tent to the network.

No Moving Parts: The hackathon for everyone

This is an ideas-only hackathon in which every person is both valuable and capable. It's even kid-friendly.

Building games for Google Cardboard VR

This hands-on session will show you how to use Unity 3D to build VR games for iOS and Android, targeting the Google Cardboard headset.

Kids track

Entertainment all weekend for the kids, too!

BuzzConf is a completely family-friendly event with many of our presentations, workshops, and other activities great fun for the whole family to do together; but there is also a dedicated Kids Track to keep them entertained the whole weekend so you can relax knowing they are having just as much fun as you are!

Miniprenuers: You’re never too young to bring an idea to life

Ever wanted to build your own game or app? Do you have great ideas? Know a problem that you want to solve? Get involved in Miniprenuers with Code the Future at BuzzConf.

Minecraft treasure hunt

Legend has it that the old pirate Steve stashed his treasures in a secret cave but the only trace of where it might be can be found in some obscure text in an old book. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and find the treasure?


Live music every night

Starting from Friday evening and running through until the last person is standing on Sunday night, BuzzConf always brings the best entertainers to keep you hanging out and dancing with the new friends you've made throughout the day.

First round of musicians announced

The Rabbit King

Discovering various ways that cause people to abandon talks and drinks and move as the waves of audio monitors dictates, The Rabbit King's Kingdom jumps between disco vibes and house moves.

The Bush Hutchies

Known for their backyard concerts throughout the state, Melbourne-based folksters The Bush Hutchies will be gracing the stage with their toe-tapping, double-bassing, country ho-down tunes!

DJ Flipshot

21 year old DJ/Producer and tech fanatic from Melbourne playing tripped out breaks and upbeat jungle

Alpha Loopy

Taking her back to her keyboard roots, Carolyn Oates has created a spellbinding set of electro-pop music that is created live at every show.

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The Experimentals

Scientists by day, The Experimentals by night - this band of researchers will be coming to BuzzConf to blow your minds - not with science - but with classic rock tunes


Industry leaders, innovators & enthusiasts

This year's presenters will be teaching and entertaining on topics including robotics, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, IoT, Futurism, and heaps more!

Professor Mary-Anne Williams FTSE

Mary-Anne has a passion for design led innovation. She works with her research team in the Magic Lab to bring science fiction to reality

Paul Fenwick

Public Speaker: Space · KSP-CKAN · Ethics · Emerging Tech · Psychology · Automation · Feminism · Social/Global Justice. Adventuretarian; World famous in NZ.

Dr Leila Alem

Leila Alem is a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, specialist in AR & VR, Wearable computing and Natural User Interfaces for innovation in business.

Nic Hodges

Nic Hodges is a technologist with a focus on media, brands and culture.

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Dr Paris Buttfield-Addison

Dr Paris Buttfield-Addison builds games and apps for mobile devices, including the award-winning ABC Play School iPad games, and the Qantas Joey Playbox.

Rick Measham

Coder. Tinker. Maker. Thinker. Activist. Interested in work, innovation, technology, privacy, and security.

Jacinta Richardson

Jacinta is a software engineer, trainer and technical writer, with a passion for learning everything and then distilling it into interesting Cliff-notes editions for other people.

Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin is the daughter of a futurist. In 1996 she participated in a futures forum called 2121. 20 years later, it is time to revisit that work.

Lilly Ryan

Lilly is a software developer, digital rights activist, and recovering historian from Melbourne. She is definitely not a hologram.

Stephanie Andrews

Stephanie works at the intersection of art and technology, in 3D graphics including virtual reality, modelling, rendering, motion capture, programming, and interactivity design.

Andrew Fisher

Designer of things that combine web, mobile, physical computing & lots of data.

Andy Kitchen

Andy is a researcher and consultant in machine learning specialising in neural networks. He is currently puzzling over how to teach computers to think about thinking and other meta-physical machinations.

Andy Gelme

Hacker At Large

Matthew Cengia

Linux systems administrator and developer, scout leader, and Open Knowledge Australia ambassador

Mel Cashen

Mel is an Australian educator passionate about contemporary learning and students centred learning and uses technology to develop global connections, collaborate and create.

Eloise Ducky

Ducky is a university student in the final stages of her degree, with a passion for accessibility, mental health, and the future of augmented reality

Nick Moore

Nick is a science fiction enthusiast who is trying to get to the future before he is too old to enjoy it.

Adam Purdie

Adam is creator who loves to learn and share – whether that be in electronics, robotics, software development, music or painting.

Lachlan Sleight

For years Lachlan had the hobby of turning his wildest daydreams and fantasies into tangible experiences through the miracle of modern technology

Bec Spink

Leading Teacher. Code the Future Co-Founder, Evernote Ambassador. 2013 DET Vic Primary Teacher of the Year. Apple Distinguished Educator.

Michael Ensly

Michael Ensly has been working both professionally and recreationally with Kinect and mobile since graduating with a degree in astrophysics.

Will Egan

CMO at successful Australian health education company, Ausmed and co-founder of Code the Future, a not for profit organisation that’s putting coding education in schools.

Valberg Lárusson & Soley Valbergsdottir

Valberg & Soley are a father daughter team of Mincrafters and game makers. Their company Tinarastic Game Studio is only an extension of their passion of gaming.

Location and accommodation

BuzzConf is held on a beautiful campground in country Victoria rather than another stuffy conference centre. Delegates and presenters spend the whole weekend together learning and playing with the tech they bring.
The camping is great fun - but there's also a little bit of luxury for anyone that likes their creature comforts with private rooms, dorms, and glamping available for those that want it!


You don't have to wait for the next Festival

We have monthly BuzzConf Night meetups and other events planned throughout the year so we hope to see you soon!

Next BuzzConf Meetup

Coming soon

Previous BuzzConf Meetup

BuzzConf Technology Festival Showcase – talks from the festival’s presenters

When: 20th October 2016

Where: The Savoy Tavern, Melbourne

The 20th October is going to be a very special BuzzConf Night: we’ll be bringing you a sneak preview of some of the amazing sessions to expect over the festival weekend.

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What BuzzConf means to you

I loved so much of BuzzConf. It’s hard to convey how much I loved it. Thanks so much for getting this conference up and running. I had the best time.

Amazing to get great internet at a festival!

My boss is talking about sending my whole team next year. And Jack (my 7yo) is going nuts that he has to wait a whole year to be able to come. He’s put his BuzzConf sticker on his laptop already.

Rick Measham, Director of Software Development at

I thought it was an incredible experience to all. I learned from others, connected and am very much looking forward to making it an yearly event on my personal calendar.

The most interesting conference I’ve ever been to. A great mix of technology thinkers set at a relaxed environment, where everyone chills together.

Adrianna Belotti, Online Marketing & Web Dev

BuzzConf Was Awesome. As a unique blend of conference and festival, BuzzConf was good. Really good.

I have been to a lot of conferences, and I can say hands down that the talks at BuzzConf were outstanding. Everywhere I went, people were talking about the future, and—most pleasing for me—many of these conversations had a core theme of what’s the best we can achieve for humanity.

Paul Fenwick, Benevolent Troublemaker and Freedom Loving Scientist

BuzzConf was such a blast. It was like a cross between a weekend barbeque – chilled, relaxed and friendly – and a grassroots technical conference.

As a woman, I found it a really inviting, safe and welcoming event, and it was wonderful to see a lot of diversity in the presenters and attendees.

It was great to spend time with people actively making and exploring technology, and to chat with other like-minded souls, and generally nerd out. A++ would buy again

Kathy Reid, Vice President of Linux Australia