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Tag Line

Where next year is always this year’s focus.

About BuzzConf

BuzzConf is unlike any other event. It offers a family friendly environment in which participants have access to technical and non-technical entertainment, from a traditional conference of inspiring speakers and immersive workshops, to children’s tracks, live music and camping.

Technologists will learn and work together with like-minded people in an environment in which they can discuss, dissect, and define the future landscape of global technology. The presentations, workshops, unconference and hackathon will be relevant across a diverse set of industries, including transport, education, health, logistics and even space colonisation.

BuzzConf’s Goals

The primary goal of the event is the bringing together of exceptional talent and industry leading ideas, and the passionate entrepreneurialism of the practitioners, to create the future of technology. By being family friendly, our hope is not only that more people will be able to make the event, but also that we will be making an investment in the future generation of technologists.

Who is BuzzConf for?

BuzzConf is for all technologists, young and old, from software developers to space explorers. It is also for their family, with activities for children and non-technical delegates.

What People Have Said

“What is BuzzConf? Think Burning Man, but instead of a desert and hippies, there are trees & 3D-printed robot spiders!” — Rick Giner, BuzzConf organiser

“Did you see those rolling green hills and blue skies on the way in? It was like the Windows XP desktop background!” — Martin Lewis, OceanLabs.


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