BuzzConf made it into the Guardian

This year was great for media exposure of BuzzConf – and we were very lucky that Nicole Eckersley, one of the winners of a free ticket to BuzzConf, is a great journalist who wrote about her time at the festival for The Guardian.

Robotics and 3D by day, music festival by night; this could be the only outdoor gig where you’ll fight for laptop charger space

Geeks have always loved their outdoor music festivals and in 2015, two Melbourne-based developers Rick Giner and Ben Dechrai kicked off BuzzConf with a lineup of top-tier tech speakers and local music talent.

It’s a wide brief – there’s everything from augmented reality and biotech to space travel. There are plenty of on-site soldering irons and a fleet of 3D printers. There’s also a beer tent stocked with local craft brews and a live act playing each night.

This is a conference designed with inclusivity in mind: of 11 speakers, six are women – almost unheard-of in the notoriously male tech industry.

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