Adam blogged about his 3D Printing workshop at BuzzConf

Our favourite 3D-guy Adam Purdie wrote a blog about his experiences at BuzzConf.

I had the bright idea of doing another Blender workshop and running a 3D printing lab.

I told Rick and Ben and they thought it was a great idea!

With surprise hugs and “hey Spiderman” comments flowing from not-yet-seen people randomly through the night I found myself quite hungover and standing on the stage telling everyone nothing they needed to know about my workshop later that day.

What I should have said was:

Bring your laptops, bring your mouses and make sure you have blender installed, it’s going to be a whirlwind ride so make sure you’ve had coffee

What I said was:

Oh man, blender is cool, printers are cool, I like spiders and marshmallows and stuff — check out my 3D printing lab over there, where’s the burgers? is something stuck to that guy’s shoe?, never mind…

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